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Has Your Beard Gone Grey? Here's How To Handle It.

By Dwayne Garrett

In this article, I want to talk about a subject that's somewhat touchy amongst some of my bearded friends and that's men and their beards going grey or white or silver or salt and pepper or whatever heck color it's changing too.

One of my close friends that I've known now for over 20 years, is always pushing me to carry beard dyes on our website because I guess he's hit his midlife crisis and he's not too fond of looking a little bit older. But I want to tell you that I'm really not that fond of selling dyes on our website because I personally feel like it's a way for people to monetize on the insecurities of their own self-esteem. So they're catering to people who are trying to hide something, trying to be something that they're not.

And at LuvMyBeard we're all about people embracing who they are, embracing the changes in themselves and really owning it. And that confidence of owning your style and owning who you are and what you look like and how your beard changes over time is what's going to make you more handsome and attractive. So silver beards are the wizards of all beards. You know, you have hit the pinnacle of life.

Like your silver beard is indicating that you are more experienced, more knowledgeable, you're more powerful, you're wealthier than you've ever been in your entire life. This is a very pinnacle part of your life and it's something that you should really embrace. It's a sign of being awesome. So really embrace it.

Now if you are a little bit insecure about your beard what I encourage you to do is to not dye it, but to really embrace your style, find your style and put a commitment to how you show the world. So what that means is, of course, grooming your beard, taking care of your beard, maintaining it, but in addition to that investing in being more cognizant of your hairstyle, how you trim or style your beard, of your wardrobe, what you're wearing.

One of the awesome things of being a man is the classic styles that work for younger men also work for older men. We're talking about suits and buttoned up shirts and make sure all these fit well, that they're tailored well. Wear nice accessories, nice neckties. There's a lot of small touches you can do, something as simple as putting a pocket square in your jacket can really add a nice little pop.

There's a lot of inspiration out there on the internet via Pinterest on how you can help develop your style so that it fits you so that you're confident and comfortable and you can own it because you look handsome. It's awesome. So keep on growing, grow those silver beards, salt and peppers, embrace it, you've hit wizard style. Thanks for reading this article.

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